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Throh doesn'y evolve into Sawk,and Sawk doesn't evolve into Throh.They are however,oddly similar.

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Q: What level does throh evolve into sawk?
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What level does throh evolve into sawk in Pokemon white?

Throh doesn't evolve into Sawk at any level because it's not capable of evolving into Sawk.

How do you evolve throh into sawk?

Throh does not evolve into Sawk; they are counterparts and do not evolve.

What level does throh evolve Pokemon white?

Throb does not evolve. Nor does Sawk

Does throh evolve into sawk at lv100?


How does throh evolve In Pokemon White?

No throh does not evolve. but there is another Pokemon similar to him called sawk.

What level does throh evolve?

It does not evolve....if you want the wrong answer it does evolve challenge the elite four the fighting type dude has it it is called sawk as for when it evolves idk i typed this so other readers would not b discouraged ;) yw

Does throh evolve?

Final Answer Throh does not evolve into Sawk or any-other pokemon. Throh and Sawk are like Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan of Gen 1 (When there was no Hitmontop and Toque). For those people saying that they are still trying to figure out how it evolves, IT WON'T EVOLVE!If you still want to argue, use the DISCUSS QUESTION button(Note: The other answers were deleted because the DingoBot was saying there was unnecessary repetition and it was just a long argument.)

When does throh evolve in Pokemon white?

Throh has no evolution stages. Throh and Sawk are opposites in white and black. Sort of like Hitmolee and Hitmochan

What level does sawk evovle at?

Sawk does not evolve.

What level does throh evolve in Pokemon white?

throh is not able to evolve

Can you only find sawk in black?

No. Believe it or not, Sawk and Throh aren't version-exclusive. They're just rarer in the corresponding game(Sawk in White and Throh in Black).

What level does sawsbuck evolve?

Sawk does not evolve, nor does it evolve from anything.