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It evolves the first time into Dewott at level 17, and then again into Samurott at level 36.

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Q: What level does oshawott evolve in Pokemon black?
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What level does Oshawott evolve in Pokemon Black and White?

Oshawott evolves to Dewott on level 17 (Dewott evolves to Samurott on level 36)

Does osshwott evolve in Pokemon Black and White?

Oshawott evolves at level 17 into Dewott and then at level 36 into Samurott.

What level will Oshawott evolve in Pokemon indigo?


What does the Pokemon oshawott evolve into?

Dewott at Level 17

Does oshawott evolve two times in Pokemon white?

Yes, Oshawott will evolve into Dewott at level 17 and again at level 36, it will evolve into its final form, Samurott.

When does an Oshawott evolve in Pokemon White?

Like most starter Pokemon, Oshawott evolves at level 16 into Dewott and then into Samurott at level 36

What level does Oshawatt evolve at?

If it is Oshawott on Pokemon black its 17 then 36 or 37 () () ( ' :') O( () ()

Why did my Oshawott Pokemon evolve at level 23 rather then level 17?

It won't have evolved if it was holding an everstone or if you pressed B when Oshawott was evolving.

What level does the new water evolves black and white?

At level 36 Oshawott will evolve into it's last evolvution. Unless the player stops the pokemon from evolving by pressing the b button, the pokemon will then try to evolve again every level it gains.

What level does oshawott evolve on Pokemon white?

lv.17 then to samurott at lv.36

What level do the monkey Pokemon evolve on black and white?

final evoulutions are emboar serperior and samurott

What level does oshawott evolve in Pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity?

You have to beat the whole game