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To evolve Mantyke in pokemon black/white 2 you have to level it up with a remoraid in your party then it will evolve into mantine

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Q: What level does mantye evolve in Pokemon Black 2?
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What level does mantye evolve?

My pbrolem was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

What level does the Pokemon zwellows evolve in pokemon black?

Level 64

What level does the Pokemon golet evolve at in Pokemon black?

Level 43

What level does audino evolve in Pokemon Black and white?

Audino doesnt evolve in Pokemon black and white

What level does Throh evolve in Pokemon Black and white?

Throh don't evolve in Pokemon Black and White.

What level does watchog evolve in Pokemon black?

watchog does not evolve

How do you evolve litwick in Pokemon black?

Level it to 41 and it will evolve

What level does virizion evolve on Pokemon black?

Virizion does not evolve.

What level does Raticate evolve in Pokemon black?

Raticate can not evolve, it is a fully evolved pokemon.

How do you make pokemon evolve in pokemon black?

Pokemon evolve when you level them up to a certain level, by trading them, by friendship, or by using stones.

What level does lil pup evolve at Pokemon black?

Lillipup can evolve at Level 16.

What level does sunkern evolve in Pokemon black?

It does not evolve by level. You need to give it a sun stone for it to evolve.