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YOU can use a TM teach geodude rocksmash

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Q: What level does geodude learn rock smash?
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When does Geodude learn Rock smash?

Geodude learns rock smash by teaching it the HM move rock smash.

Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon do you use to smash rocks?

Find a Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash. Like Geodude.

What level does geodude learn rock throw?

he gets it at level 11

When does geodude learn magnitude?

Geodude learns rock throw at level 11 magnitude at level 16 OK idiots

What Pokemon can learn rock smash in Heart Gold?

Geodude,Lickytung,graveler,golem,Totodile and its evolutions can to

What level does geodude learn rock throw in Pokemon heart gold?

geodude learns rock through at level 12 and i am 8 and i am a girl i hope i helped bye

What moves does geodude learn as it grows?

level 12 rock throw level 16 magnitude

Can geodude learn rock climb Pokemon platinum?

Geodude cannot learn rock climb.

What level does combusken learn rock smash?

Rock Smash is a Hm you get when you get to the third gym. So, he doesn't learn it but you can make him learn it with that Hm

What Pokemon learn rock smash?

Geodude, Graveler, Golum, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee....basically your classic ground and fighting types, the only exception i know of is Combusken (the second level which evolved from Torchic.)

Where can you get a geodude in diamond?

You can find a Geodude in just about any cave or certain patches of grass. Also breaking rocks using rock smash has a chance of encountering a Geodude.

What level onix learn rock smash?

in Pokemon silver, gold, crystal, yellow, blue or red rock smash don't exist. in the new versions rock smash is a HM.