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There is only one way to get Volt Tackle. You have to breed a female Pikachu or Raichu holding a Light Ball with any Pokémon in the same egg group as Pikachu. If the Pikachu and its partner are put into the daycare, Pichu will have Volt Tackle.

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Q: What level does Pikachu learn volt tackle at?
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What level does Pikachu learn volt tackle?

Pikachu can only learn volt tackle if you have a ditto in the day care and you catch a pikachu with a light ball in its possesion. Then you have to bring the pikachu to the day care and hatch the egg, then your new pichu will learn volt tackle!!!!!!!!Pikachu Learns ThunderBolt at level 26 (95 Pwr)(15 PP)

Can shinx learn volt tackle?

No only pikachu can learn volt tackle.

When does pickachu learn volt tackle on soulsilver?

Pikachu can only learn Volt Tackle if you breed a Pikachu holding a Light Ball. The Pichu you get from the egg will have Volt Tackle.

How do you make Pikachu learn volt tackle?

You cannot make pikachu learn volt tackle, you have to breed pikachu's whilst they hold the light ball to then get an egg that will hatch into a pichu that knows volt tackle.

How does Pikachu learn volt tackle in saphire?

Answeryes. It can learn it at level 30. Answeryes. It can learn it at level 30. ---------------------^oh yea, mister smarty pants? i have a level 50 pikachu and no it DID NOT learn volt tackle yet. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS!!!! GO TO A DIFFERENT SORCE.

In Pokemon plantnum how do youget Pikachu to learn volt tackle?

you cannot teach him volt tackle. I had a pikachu lv.100 and it never learned Volt tackle.

At what level does Raichu learn volt tackle?

It doesn't. give pikachu or raichu a light ball breed and the baby pichu will know volt tackle

Does electivire learn Volt Tackle in Pokemon HeartGold?

Electivire cannot learn Volt Tackle in Pokemon HeartGold. Only pichu, pikachu, and raichu can learn volt tackle.

What level does Zapdos learn volt tackle?

Volt Tackle is an egg move that only a pichu can learn... srry. ^_^If you want a Pokemon with volt tackle breed a female pikachu with a light orb with any compatible Pokemon the pichu should know volt tackle .

What game does pikachu learn volt tackle?


Can Pickachu learn volt tackle on Pokemon Yellow version?

No, Pikachu cannot learn Volt Tackle in Pokémon Yellow.

When does Pikachu to learn volt tackle in pokemon tower defense?

Well Pikachu Doesnt Learn Volt Tackle In Pokemon Tower Defense but other's do but he may cause the maker of the game may add volt tackle to pikachu and other pokemon may learn it glad for the help!