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If you captured Dialga on Spear Pillar in the game, it starts with Roar of Time. If you cheated for one way under leveled than the real Dialga found at Spear Pillar, it learns it at Lv. 40 in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. And in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, it learn Roar of Time at Lv. 46.

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Q: What level does Dialga learn roar of time?
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What level will Dialga learn Roar of Time?

It comes with Diagla. If you catch one and Roar of Time isn't there, there is a problem.

What level does Palkia learn roar of time?

Palkia does not learn Roar of Time, that's Dialga. Palkia has it's own unique move: Spacial Rend.

What level does Giratina learn roar of time?

Giratina does not learn Roar of Time. That move is specifically for Dialga and Dialga only. Because it is Dialga's signature move. Just like Palkia's Spacial Rend and Giratina's Shadow Force. They are the only Pokemon that can learn these moves.

Can mew learn roar of time?

No. Roar of time is strictly a dialga move.

Can Palkia learn roar of time?

No, because it's a Pokemon move that only dialga can know, and dialga cant learn spacial rend. Palkia controls space so it makes spacial rend and dialga controls time which makes roar of time!

What are the best moves to teach Dialga?

Dialga learns Time Realm at Lv 90 A nice lady makes Dialga learn Drago blast When you catch him he knows Roar Of Time

When can dialga learn roar of time on explorers of time?

He should already know it when you recruit him. If not then you can visit Electivire and relearn it.

Can you get a Infernape to learn spacel rend and or roar of time?

no roar of time and spetial rend can only be used by dialga and palkia and tugipi because toigipi learns metramone

What is Dialga's best move?

Roar Of Time

What is Dialga's strongest power?

roar of time

What can Dialga learn?

1. metal claw 2. roar of time 3. dragon claw 4. ancient power

Where do you find the move roar of time?

You cannot get an HM or TM of Roar of Time; if you get Dialga at the end of Platinum, it will have the move Roar of Time. :)