What is Dialga's strongest power?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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roar of time

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Q: What is Dialga's strongest power?
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What are Dialgas strongest moves in Pokemon diamond?

Aura sphere lv 90, Roar of time, Flash cannon lv 80, and Earth power

Dialgas not at mt cloranet where is he?

you can't catch dialgas anywere

How many Pokemon do you need in your pokedex to see Dialgas picture?

You are able to obtain dialgas' picture after you encounter it

Who is Dialgas allie?


Where is Dialgas picture in pearl?

In the National Dex.

Do you go into Dialgas dimension in diamond?

you cant

What is dialgas evolution?

Dialga has no evolution stage.

Can you get 2 Dialgas?

Yes but only if you trade or have an AR.

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