How do you breed dialga?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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you cant. even if you had another dialga or a ditto, you cant.

this guy is soooooo wrong. if u haves 2 dialgas u can breed them.

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Q: How do you breed dialga?
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Can Dialga breed?

No, Dialga cannot breed.

What will you get with a Dialga and a Pidgy?

you cant breed dialga

Can you leave Ditto and Dialga in daycare to make an egg?

No, Dialga is unable to breed.

Is there baby diagla?

There is no baby dialga unless you use the action replay code breed any Pokemon and breed dialga with a ditto.

Pokemon diamond how do you fuse Dialga?

fuse dialga? well i caught him but i dont know how to FUSE dialga!

Can Dialga mate with any female he sees?

No, Dialga cannot breed with any Pokemon. It is a genderless Pokemon.

Can Dialga have an egg?

NO dialgia can not breed because it is a legendary Pokemon

What two Pokemon make a Dialga egg?

You cant breed legendarys

Can you make an egg with Dialga and Palkia in Pokemon diamond?

You can't breed Legendaries

If you put two Dialgas into the day care centre will they breed?

Nope. Like almost all Legendaries, Dialga is genderless and will not breed.

What is the Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon diamond?

you get dialga and have breed it then it unlocks all shinys

Can you breed arceus in diamond to get Dialga at lv 1?

if you cheat or hack yes otherwise no