Can Palkia learn roar of time?

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No, because it's a Pokemon move that only dialga can know, and dialga cant learn spacial rend. Palkia controls space so it makes spacial rend and dialga controls time which makes roar of time!

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2011-09-12 15:47:29
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Q: Can Palkia learn roar of time?
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What level does Palkia learn roar of time?

Palkia does not learn Roar of Time, that's Dialga. Palkia has it's own unique move: Spacial Rend.

Can you get a Infernape to learn spacel rend and or roar of time?

no roar of time and spetial rend can only be used by dialga and palkia and tugipi because toigipi learns metramone

What level does Giratina learn roar of time?

Giratina does not learn Roar of Time. That move is specifically for Dialga and Dialga only. Because it is Dialga's signature move. Just like Palkia's Spacial Rend and Giratina's Shadow Force. They are the only Pokemon that can learn these moves.

Can Reshiram learn Roar of Time?

No, reshiram can't learn roar of time . Only Dialga can learn it!

Can Dialga beat Palkia?

No one really knows, it's nature can be different with each game that's being played. Palkia's faster, but Dialga can learn trick room. Regarding trick room, Palkia can learn earth power as a comeback, which has 90 power and 100 accuracy and is super effective against Dialga, but Dialga knows roar of time, which has 150 power and 90 accuracy. I've tried this before and used it on a Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus. For Palkia, it sucked against roar of time. It was a one hit KO.

How do you get the moves roar of time?

Only Dialga can know roar of time just like only Palkia can know spacial rend

Can mew learn roar of time?

No. Roar of time is strictly a dialga move.

Can Darkrai learn Roar of Time and Spacial Rend?

Yes, Darkrai can learn the moves Roar of Time and Spacial Rend.

Who is better in Pokemon Dialga or Palkia?

well... I like Palkia better so I say Palkia! In some ways Dialga is better because of its roar of time: Roar of time is stronger then spacial rend but Roar of time you have to wait a turn but spacial rend you dont have to! And so i do think Palkia is better cause its bigger and i would personaly like to control space than time but at the same time i wouldnt want a purple dragon so i say both a great!

Who has a better roar Palkia or Dialga?

Dialga you can barely hear palkia's.

Is Diamond is better than pearl?

No Pearl Is Better because palkia and dialga are the same put palkia has 1 bar more speed. Also because dialga has roar of time palkia has spaial rend roar of time does more damage but spacial rend does over half of roar of time and roar of time has to recharge

Is Dialga stronger than Palkia?

seriously dialga is nothing against palkia belive me i have tried

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