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Ambipom can't learn Bounce via level up or via a TM but a Move Tutor within Route 226 (that you need to Rock Climb to get to) can teach Bounce to Ambipom for 4 Red Scales, 2 Yellow Scales and 2 Green Scales.

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Q: What level does Ambipom learn Bounce at?
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Does Aipom learn Bounce at level 56?

no it does not it can not even learn bounce even if its ambipom

Were to find ambipom in soul silver?

Have Aipom learn Double Hit (learned at level 32) and level it up. It will evolve in to Ambipom.

What level does ambipom learn fake out?

Ambipom doesn't learn fake out. Fake out is an "egg move" that Aipom learns by breeding a Male Pokemon that knows Fake Out with a female Aipom/Ambipom.

What level does Mantyke learn Bounce at?

Both Mantyke and Mantine learn Bounce at level 40

What level does Lopunny learn the move bounce?

i have one it learns bounce on level 46

In what level aipon evolves into ambipom?

level 33. Make sure you have aipom learn double hit

What level does Aipom learn Bounce at?


Will an Ambipom and a Ditto breed an Aipom that knows Bounce?

Only if the Ambipom is Male and knows Bounce. If it doesn't know bounce and is Female, breed it with a Male Ponyta, Rapidash, Wailmer, Wailord, Spoink, Grumpig, Buneary, or Lopunny who knows bounce.

How do you teach Ambipom Bounce?

If you go to the move tutor in the higher level of the survival area.You need to rock climb on the rocks that are on the west side.The move tutor there will teach your Ambipom bounce for 4 red shards 2 yellow shards and 2 green shards.

What level does rapidash learn bounce?

rapidash learns bounce at lv.49.

In Pokemon platinum where to find an ambipom?

You can get an Aipom by spreading honey on honey trees. After that, evolve it into an Ambipom by making it learn Double Hit at Level 32, then it will evolve.

How do you make Aipom evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

Aipom will evolve into ambipom when leveled up while knowing the move Double Hit. Aipom learn Double Hit at level 32, so the earliest level it can be evolved into an ambipom is level 33.

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