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you don't. the higher your cooking the lower the chance that you will burn something.

but using the cooking gauntlets from the family tree quest will be ALLOT of help. i have 77 cooking and i used those gauntlets to cook lobster for some xp and i didn't burn 1. but since rocktail has a high level needed i'm sure you are bound to burn a few.

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You actually never stop burning rocktails, at about 95 you rarely burn any... I wear cooking gauntlets too when i cook anything though.

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Q: What level do you stop burning rocktails in runescape?
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What level do you stop burning rocktails on runescape?

You cant stop burning rocktails even with cooking gauntlets. Usually you would stop burning fish when you reach twice the fishing level in the cooking skill.

When do you stop buring rocktails on RuneScape?

You will always burn rocktails even when wearing gauntlets, usually when it comes to cooking fish - You would usually stop burning when you reach around twice the fishing level in cooking.

When do you stop burning lobsters in RuneScape?

RuneScape players will stop burning lobsters at the Cooking level of 74. If wearing Cooking Gauntlets, you will stop burning lobsters at level 68 Cooking.

When do you stop burning anchovie pizza in runescape?

Get level 85 cooking and the anchovie pizzas will stop burning.

When do you stop burning swordfish on RuneScape?

At cooking level 86, or level 81 with cooking gauntlets.

On runescape what level do you stop burning swordfish?

u can burn the swordfish even if your lvl99 cooking!No you can't. At level 86 you stop burning swordies. At level 74 you stop burning lobbies. -Coldude101You stop burning swordies at 82 with Cooking Gauntlets.~Kickabout LeaguE

What level does lobster stop burning on runescape?

After u reach firemaking 99 but u still might burn it....very very rare Firemaking has nothing to do with cooking/burning... The level you stop burning food in RuneScape depends on what kind of food. The higher the level req. to cook it, the higher you need to stop burning and vice versa. In fact some food can't be guarenteed to not burn! ~kIcKaBoUt LeAgUe

What level do you stop burning sharks in runescape?

The only way you don't burn Shark is if you have level 94 cooking, and wear cooking gauntlets. If you don't wear them it is impossible to guarentee that you will stop burining them even with a skillcape boost of 100.

When do you stop burning cavefish on Runescape?

You can't stop burning completely, the higher your cooking level, the higher your success rate will be. There are some other methods though, using a cooking range instead of a fire helps ( I recommend the cooking range in lumbridge as it has the lowest burn ratio in the whole of runescape ).

What is the best thing a Level 46 Chef on RuneScape should cook for exp?

Probably still salmon till you stop burning lobsters

When do you barley burn swordfish in runescape?

I'm not entirely sure when they barely burn, but i know when they stop burning completely, they stop burning at level 86 with cooking gauntlets you can stop burning them at level 81 I'm sure they barely burn the few levels before. if you start when you reach the level to cook the swordfish is highly unrecommended because they burn them at and 80% burn rate.

What level do you stop burning trout?

At level 76 cooking you stop burning trout.