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You can use any cat 5 ethernet cable to connect the Xbox 360 to the router.

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Q: What kind of Ethernet cable would you use to connect an XBox 360 to a router?
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Would it work if you connected an Ethernet cable to a modem and then to a ps3 to play on line?

If for instance you have a PC connected to the internet with an ethernet cable at a cable modem you can unplug the ethernet cable to the PC at the modem and Plug in a ethernet cable from the PS3 to the modem and a connection to the internet is possible. If the PC and PS3 are close enough you can just unplug the PC ethernet cable at the PC and move it over to the PS3. The first time you do this you need to go to the PS3 network setting and auto set the network settings. When you are done using the PlayStation 3 you just unplug the ethernet cable for the PS3 from the modem and plug the PC cable back into the modem for the PC to go back online or switch the cable back if it was close enough. When you get tired of doing this just purchase a router and plug the PS3 and PC into the router and plug the router into the modem.

How do I connect to the Internet with my Dreamcast?

You will require a network compatible game or the Dreamcast Web Browser disk to connect to the Internet. Connect the machine to an Ethernet cable as you would a personal computer and boot the disk. Note that many online games no longer have active servers and will not allow connections.

What cable would connect my camcorder to my HDTV?

HDMI cables are used to connect camcorders to hdtv.

What kind of Ethernet cable do you need 4 a ps3?

You can get by with the CAT 5 ethernet cable, but for just a little more you can purchase the CAT 6 ethernet cable which fits into the same slots and has better specs. Buy the best quality cable at a reduced price. I would recommend a name brand and not some cable online for 99 cents and a ton for the shipping from China or just there profit. I was able to purchase a 50 foot Belkin Gold Cat 6 for under $20 at EBAY including s/h and saw shorter cables for half that.

Is there a way to play PS3 if you have Hughesnet Satellite Internet?

If you already have HughesNet satellite internet you might see how it connects to your computer. PS3 can only be connected with either a Ethernet Cable or a wireless signal. You can not use the USB port in the front of the PS3 to connect to the internet. PS3 is supposed to work only with broadband or DSL. The related link for Hughesnet listed a phone number and they indicated that while it would work it would provide poor online game performance and was not recommended. They did say that it connected to the PC or other device with an ethernet cable.

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What type of cable would you use to connect a pc nic to an rj45 Ethernet port of a cisco router?

cat 5 Ethernet cable

What type of cable would be required to connect a Linksys router to a wired PC?

A normal crossed ethernet cable will do.

What kind of cable would you use to connect an ps3 to a router?

A Cat 5(good) or Cat 6 (better) ethernet cable plugs into the router and the ethernet slot in the back of the PS3 for a wired internet connection.

What type of cable would you use to connect a PC directly to a router?

Use a CAT-5, also known as an Ethernet cable.

How much would it cost to go from cable modem internet service to wireless internet?

You add a wireless router to your cable modem and you're in business. The router can run from $50 to $120 and you need an Ethernet cable to connect the devices

How does one connect Ethernet cable splitter?

"An ethernet cable splitter allows you to connect two computers to one ethernet connection. Once you have your splitter made, you plug it into both computers just as you would with a normal ethernet cable."

Ethernet Cable?

form_title=Ethernet Cable form_header=Connect to the internet with an ethernet cable. How many ethernet cables would you need?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} How long do the cables need to be?=_ Where do you need the ethernet cables?=_

How do you connect to laptop to Ethernet?

All you need is an ethernet input on your laptop and a ethernet cable. Run the cable from the router output to the laptop input. Most wireless routers also include ethernet outputs in the back of the router. The laptop should discover the connection

WHAT IS the safest and cheapeast way to connect the laptop to the internet ?

The safest way would be an ethernet cable connected to a router. If you wish to connect wirelessly then do so to a WPA encrypted 802.11 wireless router. Use the software firewall built into your system also.

Would a wireless router take the place of a modem and ethernet cable?

no...but a modem with a built-in wireless router would.

Will wireless router will not allow you to connect any computers using an Ethernet cable or they must all be wireless?

Most wireless routers also allow you to plug in 4 to 8 other Ethernet cables. It would not be a router otherwise, it would simply be a wireless access point. The cable connections are also faster than the wireless (at this point).

Why does my computer keep detecting my router then says a local connection area is unplugged?

This will often come up because the Router you are talking about would be a wireless router. The computer is sensing that an ethernet cable is not plugged in from the router to your computer. This will often come up because the Router you are talking about would be a wireless router. The computer is sensing that an ethernet cable is not plugged in from the router to your computer.