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the one that has the same amount of letters as roof top

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Q: What key is too the roof in club penguin?
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Were do you get the radio on Club Penguin?

u get it in the night club but now it's too late Edit: Its Music Jam 2010 and if your a member, go to the roof of the night club and you'll find it there!

Club penguin elite penguin force ds?

its club penguin but a lot harder but on ds too

What is Taylor Swift's Club Penguin?

She doesn't play club penguin .... She's too busy for it !!

Is the steel revenge movie on club penguin scary?

nothing on club penguin is very scary because club penguin is for little kids too

If you are not a member on Club Penguin?

If you are not a member on Club Penguin, You can still get the free items and you can win items sometimes too!

Why my clubpeinguin cp trainer the ultimate club penguin trainer beta 2 doesn't work?

i think the new club penguin stoped it it happend to me too i think the new club penguin stoped it it happend to me too 657

How do you turn off the magnet on the roof in club penguin?

when you get the disk get the paperclip too. then go to the roof. unbolt the box and put the paper clip in side. and walla its off!

Will Club Penguin ban you if you use penguin storm 10?

yes and penguin storm has virus too

How do you do secret of the fur in Club Penguin?

Since i don't want to make this answer too long, just go to Youtube and type Club Penguin Mission Secret of the Fur. Or go to a Club Penguin Cheats site, like club Penguin Gang.

How do you get the magic box in club penguin?

you have too hit it than run too it

On club penguin when you type in your name and password it says connot find penguin and you know you made a penguin?

Well there may be problems with your computer and it may be too slow. Or, you might have problems with your cache on Club Penguin. Or there could even be a problem on Club Penguin's side.

All the questions and answers of club penguin the ultimate official guide to Club Penguin?

There are too many to list since there are 240 pages.