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Type in a valid e-mail address and check your mail.

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You must go into your email account that you typed in and get the code and user I.D. and then you can play Club Penguin. I do too

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Q: How do you activate your penguin in Club Penguin?
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Do you have to activate you club penguin membership at the till?

Yes you can activate your club penguin acount not just at the till but at home aswell

Where is the activation link to activate a penguin for club penguin?

In the emal you used

How do you activate club penguin so someone can play?

your parents have to activate it from the email club penguin sent to the email you put in the parents email

How do i activate my penguin in Club Penguin and you did not get the g mail?

You open your e-mail with an activation code, click on the link, and you activate your penguin so you can play with it.

How do you activate your cards for Club Penguin on Club Penguin?

you scratch off the silver coating than go to club penguin type in the numbers and u are finished

How long is it until you can play your club penguin penguin?

Until you get the activation message and activate then you login

How do you activate the flares on club penguin?

Just click them

How do you activate your penguin from Club Penguin?

You will get an e-mail that says welcome to club penguin. Click it and go to the activate your acocunt link. Enter your activation code pick a chat and you can play.

How do you activate a stolen club penguin card?

How to Activate a clubpenguin parant Account

What are the numbers to activate your club penguin account?

You get the numbers from your email. You use the email that you gave them to create your penguin.

How do you activate the island mushrooms on club penguin?

Do the field-op.

How do you activate your club penguin when you first get it?

Check you/your parent's email