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To free up the resources allocated to this task, open the panel menu and choose Panel Options and then select None to turn off thumbnail display.

This should be the correct answer, I found it of the adobe help website.

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Q: What is used to turn off the thumbnail display?
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How do you turn turn off display?

In order to turn off display in Windows, you will need to go to 'power plan settings'. From there, click 'disable display' and save your changes.

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As far as i know, go to control panel and then select power options, then on the left panel the should be a link saying " choose when to turn off the display " click that then beside "turn off display" under battery and plug-in, select never for both of them. That's it] ===

How do you keep the display from turning off in Windows Vista?

Go to Start -> Control Panel, then double click on 'Power Options'. Under the preferred plans section, select the 'Change plan settings' option for whichever entry is selected. In the drop-down box labeled 'Turn off the display', select 'Never'. Hit 'Save changes', and the display should no longer turn off.

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