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i dont know the code but you can go to solar can F10 and use a key on a door and you will get it

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Q: What is the wonder mail for the link cable in rede rescue team?
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In the wonder mail for blue rescue team what is the single character that stands for?

on blue rescue team wonder mail codes

What is the wonder mail code for flash cannon?

This is a rescue mission. You have to rescue Bulbasaur from Floor 1 of Beach Cave. And for future reference, the link below has a Wonder Mail Generator that can get you any item or recruit you want. But, anyway, here's the Wonder Mail code/password.... 115=X 98#QF5X 4X#-% WNR01 N0WN6S# W2SCJ

What is the wonder mail code for murky cave in blue rescue team?

There is no code for groudon. You must recruit him, then you get his friend area.

What does a link cable do in Pokemon Blue rescue?

A link cable evolves Pokemon that evolve with trades in the main series. Since there are no humans, the link cable is substituted. to get a link cable, go to any location that has a locked door. Get the item there, and leave. Then, the next day, go back to the same spot with another key, and instead of the item, there will be a link cable. this is because the game won't allow you to have more than one of an item, unless you have a wonder mail. for the evolutions, here is what you do. you go to luminous spring with a Pokemon like Haunter, machoke, or kadabra. you sacrifice the link cable, and that is how you use the link cable!

Wonder mail codes red rescue team?

wisit link and make your own

Is there a wonder mail code to rescue yourself if you faint in a cave?


What is the red rescue team wonder mail for hm fly?


How do you get to Shimmer hill?

shimmer hill is gotten through wonder mail. You either get it by luck, or find the wonder mail code for a rescue there.

Can you give me a bunch of wonder mail codes for reviver seeds for red rescue team?

We can't give you the exact Wonder Mail codes that you want for this game. One thing you can still do is go to This website allows you to Generate your own type of Wonder Mail codes exactly the way you want them to be. When you're at that website, go to the link, Mystery Dungeon, on the left, then go to the link that says Wonder Mail Generator. Then you'll be able to choose which ever kind of Wonder Mail codes you want for that game!

Where is wonder mail on Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

in the same menu where is continue , delete save data ' adventure log , friend rescue , trade items , and then is wonder mail

Wonder mail for a friend bow in red rescue team?

??8? T?+? ???? N4?8 f4?6 k???

How do you enter passwords in red rescue team?

you go to wonder mail