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Which game is this sky darkness or time? If sky heres a link to make ur own wonder mail,

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Q: What Wonder Mail reward Leaf Stone in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
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What is some wonder mail for Pokemon mystery dungeon partners in time?

I personally suggest going to upokecenter.comThen, click on mystery dungeon on the left under Pokemon games.At the bottom of the list is a wonder mail generator. From there you can choose what type of mission it is, where it is, the reward, etc.

Where do you enter passwords on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

Go online and type in: wonder mail for pokemon mystery dungeon games, then press wonder mail on the menu. Type the code in to get a mission and a cool reward (like a joy seed which raises your lvl by 5).

How do you get a riolu in your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

go online and look for a wonder mail code to recruit riolu the reward is him joining you

Is there a wonder mail code in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time darkness or sky that has the TM discharge as a reward?

well no but if you want the TM earthquake just edit the answer and put in yes or no.

Where do you get TM shock wave in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

you can make a wonder mail any reward but the tight belt because you can't use the dot. here is the website.

What is the best website to create wonder mail at in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue and Red Rescue Team?

All you do to create your own wonder mail that actually works is to go to this website: http:/ this website you can make wonder mail and your reward! Hope It helps You In your Game!

Passwords for reviver seeds on Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

Go to this website. There is a wonder mail generator. You can make any mission you want. you can choose the reward you want and you can even pick the Pokemon you want the client to be.

How do you easily recruit Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

With a friend bow and you can press down or A repeatly to make the capture 10% better at cathing it.To get a friend bow go to Pokemon mystery dungeon wondermail,it will say item reward,then find the word friendbow and put it and then fill up the rest and put "make wonder mail" and the code will come out so you can copy it.

How do you get a lunar ribbon on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

To obtain a Lunar Ribbon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, you must first recruit Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. Then, go to Spacial Rift or Temporal Tower to complete a mission given by Celebi. After completing the mission, you will receive the Lunar Ribbon as a reward.

How can you get a fire stone in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Use this Wonder Mail code: ??19 7J0? 487S SJ?- 6?60 1P?W It will add to your Job List a mission that has as a reward a Fire Stone.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of the sky how to get a lunar ribbon?

Some missions can give a reward. It can be a lunar ribbon.

What are some wondermails for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

Oh, come on. you can make them at Just select the client,reward, and press generate!