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68.6 newtons

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Q: What is the weight of a 7.0-kilogram bowling ball on the surface of the moon?
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What is the weight of 7.0 kilogram bowling ball on the surface of the moon?

68.6 newtons

What is the highest weight of a bowling ball?

The maximum weight a bowling ball can be is sixteen pounds.

What is the weight of a bowling ball in newtons?

A 16 pound bowling ball would be 71.172 newtons in weight.

What is the weight of a bowling ball candlepin?

The maximum weight of a typical Candlepin Bowling Ball is 2lb 7oz.

What makes a bowling ball aggressive?

The cover stock composition, the surface texture and the configuration of the weight in the core.

How heavy a bowling ball is can be referred to as its?


What is the surface on which the ball is rolled in bowling?


Is the dv8 ruckus a good bowling ball?

Any bowling ball can be a good bowling ball for a person. It really depends on the lane conditions, surface of the ball, the bowler and how they bowl as well as the drilling of the ball itself.

What is the most a bowling ball can weigh?

16 pounds is the maximum weight of a bowling ball that can be used in sanctioned events.

What factors are important in selecting a bowling ball?

weight, span and pitch must be considered in selecting a bowling ball.

A bowling ball has a diameter of 8.4in it is made of plastic that weighs .05lbs What is the weight of the bowling ball?

If the plastic in the ball weighs 0.05 lbs, and the ball contains nothing but the plastic, then the weight of the ball is 0.05 lbs.

Can you take weight taken out of a bowling ball?