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All you have to do is go to YouTube and type in Mr. Washington cod waw infections and you should be able to get them......if you FOLLOW the instructions.

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Q: What is the website with cOd waw infection lobbies On xbox called?
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How do people host modded lobbies such as 10th and other infections on MW2?

They host they modded lobbies with a diffrent xbox called a jtag. It is an that can run homebrwed unsigned code. Basically it is a hacked xbox 360 which gives you full control over your xbox. You can then mod games like MW2 and Halo.

How do you get to my xbox?

You cans sign into your Xbox account on the Xbox website is technically called my xbox.

A collection of related webpages is called a?


Is Call of Duty still do challenge lobbies?

hey, id just like you to know if you are on ps3 the last person is WRONG they still do challenge lobbies they just very hard to get into now i used to host them, i should know, and another thing on xbox they still do call of duty 4, 5 and 6 and even 7 challenge lobbies but are extremely hard to get into, i host them on xbox on cod 4 and cod 5 thanks iDaz

How do you get into an all challenges lobby mw2 xbox 360?

Well people do host lobbies for this but it really hard to find one. They will cost you somthing unless you get a free one. if you want a tenth lobby send a message to FPV 94. He hosts FREE tenth lobbies on Xbox 360. he has friends that do challenge lobbies. some cost others dont. the eaisest way though is ModBox7.1 and up. if you have questions my gt is: NoVa eL1t3

Will anyone give me a free all challenges lobbie MW2?

MSG sunny haiben on xbox 360 he hosts free lobbies

How do you start challenge lobbies?

To start a challenge lobby a JTAG is needed a Jtag is a hacked/modded xbox it ranges from $150-$500

If i get a jtag xbox how do i get my mods and use them online?

Don't buy a pre-jtagged Xbox. Jtag an Xbox yourself, it's much cheaper. If you're buying a jtag to host 'CoD Lobbies' then don't bother as you will be wasting your money.

What can you do with a Xbox live account with out a Xbox 360?

the xbox website and the bungie website, but i think that's it...

Is it illegal to set up 10th prestige lobbies?

I don't think its illegal but you could be banned because that's against the Xbox COC and TOU

Black ops a good game or not for xbox 360?

It is a great game. Same as PS3, in my opinion better you should definitely get it. But i will warn you there are very hardcore gamers in most xbox live multiplayer lobbies so it will be challenging

Will anyone do a MW2 CL for XBox 360. I'l do 1600 MSP?

I don't mean to burst your bubble but Infinity Ward/Activision patched challenge lobbies.