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The Xbox 360 can only play certain Xbox titles. A precise list of which Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360 is available on the Xbox website.

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Q: How do you update your Xbox 360 to play Xbox games?
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If you update the Xbox 360 to play Xbox games will the system still play Xbox 360 games?


What games update your Xbox 360?

No games will update your Xbox 360. When you insert a game and it asks you to update, this is a game update.

Do you need an xbox 360 hard drive to play xbox games on it?

In order to play games for the original Xbox on the Xbox 360 you will need to have the hard drive. This is because the update is downloaded onto it.

Do you have to update xbox 360 to play halo reach?

You don't have to update your Xbox to play Halo Reach. Some games like Forza Motorsport 4 and Homefront will make you update your Xbox.

How do you play downloaded games on Xbox 360 without firmware update?

You can't.

How do you update an Xbox 360 so it can have Xbox games on it?

I'm sorry but you can't. The Ps3 can play ps2 games though :)

Can a first generation xbox 360 play all the gamesames?

Yes you can, the Xbox will update so it can play the games, eventually it will just update to the newest dashboard.

Can Xbox games play on a Xbox 360 console?

Some can, but might need an update from Xbox live... the Halo games will run with no problems..

Is there a cable for the XBOX 360 allowing you to play Original Xbox games?

No the Xbox 360 Is compatible with some Original Xbox Games although Can not be played online as there was an update because Microsoft wanted more people to get the xbox 360

How do you play your Xbox games on your Xbox 360?

You insert your CD into the CD-Drive. But i fink you need the update from xbox live

Can Xbox 360 play Xbox one games?

Yes, You need to download the xbox emulator for the 360 on the offical XBOX website( or update if you have LIVE. Check the xbox website for all combatable games

Can you play destroy all humans for the xbox?

There is a full list of compatible xbox games for the xbox 360 on wikipedia.