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Not all xbox games work on the 360. But heres a website with a list of xbox games that work

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Q: Can you play all Xbox games on an Xbox 360?
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Does the 360 elite play all the Xbox 360 games?

Yes, it does play all xbox 360 games, but it does not play ALL (original) xbox games. (if your elite doesn't play xbox 360 games, that means there's something wrong with your system)

Can you play Xbox 360 lite games on Xbox 360 arcade?

There is no difference! All Xbox 360 games work on all Xbox 360 consoles.

Can you play Xbox 360 games on Xbox kinetic?

no some games are only for kenct but u can play all 360 games on the xbox

Can the regular Xbox games be played on the Xbox 360?

Some Xbox games can be played on Xbox 360. The problem is, 360 games cannot be played on Xbox - they're just not compatible. By:Liang98 No,all xbox games can be played on xbox 360 but also the xbox can 't play the xbox 360 games

Does the Madden Xbox game work in the Xbox 360?

Yes, you are able to play All Xbox games on the Xbox 360 console. No u cant you cant play All xbox games on the xbox 360 u can play some but not the newer maddens and newer games.

Can Xbox 360 play Gauntlet The Dark Legacy for Xbox?

any xbox 360 plays all xbox games This answer is pure bull. No, you cannot play all Xbox games on a 360. The list of compatible games is here:

Can you play playStation games on an xbox 360?

Yes. All original Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360. However, you cannot play an Xbox 360 game on an original Xbox, or course.

Does some types of xbox 360 just play original games?

no all 360's can play 360 games. some original xbox games can be played on the 360

Can you play the game 'gun' from the old Xbox on the new Xbox 360?

You know you can play ALL Xbox games on the 360?

Can u play Xbox games on Xbox 360?

You can play some of them but not all of them.

Can Xbox use Xbox 360 games?

Not at all. However, an Xbox 360 will play some original Xbox games with special downloads.

Can an Xbox 360 arcade play Xbox games?

Yes! But not all. go to for a complete list of (original) games that are able to play on the Xbox 360