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Q: What is the switch combination in the underground basement in Pokemon crystal version?
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Where is the underground basement in Pokemon Crystal?

its behind the radio tower next to the name raters house but you need the basement key from the rocket executive

Where to get an amulet coin in Pokemon Crystal?

The amulet coin is in the Goldenrod Department Store Basement (you get to it through Team Rocket's hideout in the underground path).

How do get through the radio basement in Pokemon crystal?

In case in goldenrod city take the underground path. There will be a door. Get the key from the rocket executive in radio tower. In case of lavender town we can't go underground.

How do you get past the team rocket person to get to the underground basement in goldenrod Pokemon crystal?

Just go around to the other entrance next to the Name Raters House :P

What is the basement switch order in Pokemon Crystal?

All three on!

Where is the underground Pokemon Crystal?

beneath the floor

How do you get to the director in the underground warehouse in Pokemon crystal?

go to the bottem

Where is the secret team rocket base in Pokemon crystal?

It is underground

Where do you get coin case in Pokemon Crystal?

golden rod city underground

How do you defeat team rocket in goldenrod in Pokemon crystal version?

go in the radio tower then defeat everyone in there go to the 5 floor and defeat that guy up there he will give you a basement key use that to get in the underground wearhouse

Where do you get a fossil in Pokemon Crystal?

You can find fossils in the Underground Tunnels, or underground. Just dig for them as you would spheres.

WHATS the code for the underground on Pokemon Crystal?

3 2 1 is the code