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count the number of rocks they refer to numbers on a clock if theres

3 go right 6 go down 9 go left 12 go up every even cave go the opposite way and there will be an item.

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Q: What is the solution to The Lost Cave maze on Five Island in Pokemon Fire Red?
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How do you get into the cave on sixth Island in Pokemon fire red?

use cut

Where is the hot fire cave in Pokemon FireRed?

North of One Island.

Where is the altering cave in Pokemon Fire Red?

Island 6 near the edge

Where is the HM waterfall in fire red version Pokemon?

it is in ice fall cave on four island but you need to find it somewhere in the cave

Where to find good Pokemon that aren't in cerulean cave fire red?

Most strong Pokemon can be found also at seven island

Where do you find level 50 wild Pokemon in fire red?

Wild Pokemon level 50 and higher can be found at seven island and cerulean cave.

Where would you find braille on Pokemon on fire red?

On island one, there is a cave with a ruby and a full set of braille alphabet.

How do you get to fire island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot get to Fire Island on Pokemon LeafGreen. Fire Island is a setting exclusive to the second Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie 2000.

How do you get grimer on Pokemon ruby?

fire cave

How do you get the man blocking cerulean cave to move on Pokemon Fire Red?

you need to become Pokemon League Champion then help Celio on One Island to get his computer running

In Pokemon Fire Red what and where is the best place and way to train Pokemon?

I think the best place is cruelean cave, ninjas on kindle road (on island 1), and victory road.

Where is diglet cave in Pokemon Ruby?

there is no diglett cave in Pokemon ruby only in leaf green and fire red