What cave is mew in?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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um listen Pokemon fire red does not have mew only mewtwo and that's in cerulean cave

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Q: What cave is mew in?
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How do you catch Mew in Cerulean Cave?

You cannot catch Mew in the Cerulean Cave because it can't be found there.

Is mew in the cerulean cave?

No, Mewtwo is

Where do you get mew in pokemoncrater?

in the rock cave

Where cave is mew in diamond?

You can't

How do you get mew in diglett cave?

you cant

How do you get mew with out cheating on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can not get mew without the mew glitch but if you go to the end of cerulean cave you can get mewtwo

Where are mew and mew-two in Pokemon soul silver?

Mewtwo is in cerulean cave, and you can only get Mew through an event.

What part in the cave is mew two found?

In Cerulean Cave right at the back u find Mew Two between two rocks.

What cave is mew in blue rescue team?

mew is in buried relic 37-99F

How do you catch mew in heatgold?

mew cant be found in hg but mewtwo is in cerulean cave

Where is Mew in HeartGold and SoulSilver?

You dont catch mew You catch mewtwo in cerulean cave

Can you catch Mew in Cerulean Cave in FireRed?