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check yo' self b4 u wreck yo' self foo'

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Q: What is the sift heads 4 theme song?
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Is there reload on sift heads 4?


Is there any good games like thing-thing?

yes there is sift heads sift heads 2 sift heads 3 sift heads 4 sift heads 5 sift heads 6 thing thing 2 thing thing arena thing thing arena 2 thing thing arena 3 thing thing 4 thing thing 3 intrusion raze

Who is the woman in sift heads 4?


What is the sift heads 4 sifter rank reward at the end of the game?

a sift boat

What is the name of the song in the main board in sift heads 4?

Entering the Stronghold is the name of the song by Denny S.

When will sift heads 4 come out?

its out now. search it

How do you get to sift heads 4?

You play sift heads 4 at this link: You can download sifthads 4 at this link:

When is sift heads 4 coming to wwaddictinggamescom?

Sift Heads 4 should come out any day. StEvE, a forum moderator, said it shall come out today... maybe

Were is the armory in the safe house in sift heads world 4?

shift heads is awsome

What is the combination for then safe in sift heads 5?


When is Sift Heads 4 coming out?

sift heads 4 is now at : or at follow that link : dude that's sorta confusing and instead just go to and click on the icon with the stickman holding a gun or something or just type Sift Heads 4 on Google and click on what ever you see. Also the music is friking great! :)

Where is the demo for sift heads 4?

there is no need for demos the game ALREADY OUT ON COMPUTER