Is there reload on sift heads 4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is there reload on sift heads 4?
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How do you reload on sift heads 5?

all you have to do is push R

How do you reload in sift heads 2?

press 50 then bbgh egrt

How do you reload in sift heads 3?

you just press the "e" button

Is there any good games like thing-thing?

yes there is sift heads sift heads 2 sift heads 3 sift heads 4 sift heads 5 sift heads 6 thing thing 2 thing thing arena thing thing arena 2 thing thing arena 3 thing thing 4 thing thing 3 intrusion raze

Who is the woman in sift heads 4?


What is the sift heads 4 sifter rank reward at the end of the game?

a sift boat

What are the sift heads 2 cheat codes?

Hitting 657 activates ingame cheat screen Perso = change character Revive = health Reload = reload current gun (this cheat does not seem to work)

When will sift heads 4 come out?

its out now. search it

How do you get to sift heads 4?

You play sift heads 4 at this link: You can download sifthads 4 at this link:

What is the password for Sift heads last level?

well it depends on what sift heads it is (for exampled) sift heads 1 sift heads world act 5 or something like that

How do you change weapon in sift heads?

foe sift heads no weapon change sift heads two press the right mouse button same for all sift heads

When is sift heads 4 coming to wwaddictinggamescom?

Sift Heads 4 should come out any day. StEvE, a forum moderator, said it shall come out today... maybe