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shift heads is awsome

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Q: Were is the armory in the safe house in sift heads world 4?
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Where is the key card for the armory in sift heads world 5?

one in the garage on the counter in the safe house and the other is in alonzo's safe house on the desk after you play the tape

In the flash game sift heads world 1 where is the armory?

When you begin, there is a safe on your left. in the room before you see Vinnie's car, there is a key card for the safe and that's where the armory is, in the safe.

How to crack the safe in sift heads world act 5?

You twist the safe knob in the order 6,22,4 (safe house)

What is the code to open the safe in sift heads world 5?


What is the safe combinations for sift heads world - act 5?


What the code is in the safe world sift heads 5?


What do you do after talking to black fox on sift heads world act 1?

go to the safe house and wait a while. Then the black fox will call you and tell you that alanzo is un go to the airport but before that fill up on ammo and heal yourself

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