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You have to actually buy a webkinz horse. I don't think anybody would really give out a webkinz code.

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Q: What is the secret code to the webkinz horse?
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A Webkinz code for a horse?

A code for a Webkinz Horse

What is the secret code to horse on webkinz?

ok cool but I'll tell you if it works

Tell the secret code for the chocolate lab on webkinz?

To get a secret code, you have to buy the Webkinz in stores.

What is the secret code for webkinz?

847C811CE That is the fish LCAU2PKV-clydesdale i have 3 webkinz i lost the webkinz alley cat secret code

What is the reindeer webkinz secret code?

Their is numerous secret codes for the webkinz reindeer

What secret code is fot the chihuahua on webkinz?

There is a different code for every webkinz.

What is your code for Webkinz?

It's a secret code that you use to put your Webkinz online

Where to find codes on the webkinz secret code?

The Webkinz secret code can be found in the tag that a Webkinz plush comes with. If the Webkinz was purchased from the eStore, the code is generally emailed or can be found in your purchase history of your account.

What is the secret code for the reindeer on webkinz?

The secret code is in the tag attached to the reindeer. You use it to log in your pet onto Webkinz.

Webkinz sercet codes?

Definitely not! If you really want a webkinz secret code then go buy a webkinz! I will not, under any circumstances give you or anybody else, a webkinz secret code.

A webkinz secret code that works?

A secret code is the code found on the webkinz tag. It is used to adopt the pet. It works if you're able to log it in.

What is one of the Webkinz secret code?

to get a webkinz secret code you have to purchase an item ,but in some cases on youtube people hold contests and you can win a code.