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here is my unused webkinz account it is a black bear the secret code is F68KDS9

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Q: Does any body have an unused webkinz code that i can have my account expired thanks?
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Can you restart your Webkinz account if it has not expired?

Sorry,no you cant.Unless you buy or receive a new webkinz with a unused tag,you can create a new account.Good luck

What is an unused code on Webkinz?

An unused code is a code on Webkinz that hasn't been used by anyone. It can be used to create an account or to add to an account.

What is an unused webkinz code or account?

No, you may not.

Do unused Webkinz tags expire?

Your account does not disappear - you just have to buy another Webkinz or Lil Kinz to re-activate it. Though I've heard you have 30 days to purchase a new one or your account may lose its pets, items, and KinzCash. ç give me your webkinz account webkinz code and user and i have a webkinz code i can renew your acccount with

Does anybody have an unused webkinz code you are also running out of time for your account?

No ones going to give you a webkinz code.

Does someone have an unused webkinz code?

Anyone who ones a Webkinz account has a Webkinz code. Many people have unused codes as well that plan on either giving them away or using them later. You cannot find one on

Does anyone have an unused webkinz code that myself can use My accout expires in two days it would really be appericatred THANKS?

No, but you can buy another webkinz.

Anyone want a rare club penguin account for maybe some of your unused webkinz codes?

Ugh I don't have any unused codes I'm sorry But can I still have the account

Does anyone have a webkinz UNUSED secret code your account will expire tomorrow?

yup here it is: 8juiop99

Does anyone have an unused webkinz code our daughter wants one and i cant afford it Thanks?

yeah it's GIU8563UB9

Can someone please tell me an unused Webkinz pet secret code and the type of pet?

5FY3K8PL its a turtle THANKS

How do you tell if a webkinz code is unused?

Type it on Webkinz, and if it works, it's unused.