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Nobody knows any unused Webkinz codes. These codes are computer generated by the company and are not given out unless obtain by purchasing products of Webkinz.

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Q: What are some unused webkinz pet code?
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What are unused webkinz pet code?

if you buy a webkinz then there is a code attached to the toy then that is a secret code but if you use it online on then you cant use it again. unused pet codes are pet codes that have not been used.

What is a non used webkinz code?

The only way to obtain an unused webkinz code is to buy your own pet and use the code in the tag

What is a pet code for webkinz that is unused?

Type this in at code shop- W21X-PEHX-SUSA-S6KE

Can someone please tell me an unused Webkinz pet secret code and the type of pet?

5FY3K8PL its a turtle THANKS

Does anybody have a free webkinz account info or pet code?

Here is 1 secrert code, of course unused: WARJHA52 eNJOY YOUR WEBKINZ FUN!

May someone give you a unused webkinz pet code?

NO NO NO NO NO NO nobody is going to give you a cheat

Does anyone have an unused pet code that works?

I don't but there's a bunch of webkinz at Toys Rus

Can some one give me a webkinz or Littlest pet shop UNUSED code or a user name and password My sister wants one and i cant seam to get one?


What are codes for Webkinz?

The codes help you log in you webkinz. If this is your first time using one then you have to create an account. Then the will be a penguin named Miss.Birdey. She will ask you a few questions. Then at some point she will ask you for the code on the tag. The code has to be unused or it will not work. Then you will have to name your webkinz and tell if it is a boy or a girl. This website and fun for children. So the code is really just to log in your webkinz. Oh, one more thing about the code. It is also to tell with webkinz pet it is. Like if you have a Hippo then when you enter the code it will verify which webkinz pet it was.

A Webkinz pet code?

a webkinz pet code is in the tag tied on to your webkinz leg. open it up and type the code in at the adoption center at webkinz. that is what they are for and what they are. yours truly, AZIKOvird

If you buy a Webkinz pet at the e store how do you get it oto your Webkinz account?

There Will Be Some Sort Of Email And It Will Hold The Code.

What is a pet code for webkinz?

A codes that is located somewhere on the pet or if it is from the eStore - in your email. The code unlocks a world of fun in Webkinz World