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the only way to get a pet for your webkinz is to buy a zum and enter the code in the code shop. then you will have a zum . then you go to the zum place and go to its room and play with it. the last answer told you how to adopt a webkinz not a zum

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Q: How do you get a pet for your Webkinz pet?
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Why does your Webkinz pet has the W on its paw?

It symbolizes the "W" in "Webkinz" to show you that it is a webkinz pet.

Does a zummbuddy count as a Webkinz pet?

No, its a pet for ur Webkinz.

What is the Webkinz pet of the month for the Webkinz foundation?

March's Webkinz foundation pet of the month is the Yorkie.

What does a Webkinz Signature pet do?

search on webkinz please. It is a rare pet

What is the 2010 webkinz pet of the year?

There is no such thing as webkinz pet of the year

Why does Webkinz have pet of the month?

I think Webkinz have Pet of the Month because they want you to buy more Webkinz.

What was the Webkinz Pet of the Month for May 2009?

The Webkinz "Pet of the Month" for 2009 was the Webkinz Cocker Spaniel.

Can Webkinz go in water?

Yes webkinz could go underwater but first you have to buy a underwater webkinz pet if you don't know what a underwater webkinz pet its just a webkinz pet that lives underwater.

When will the pig in webkinz be the pet of the month?

they do not make ugly webkinz the pet of the month that is why

What was the first webkinz underwater pet to be retired?

What was the first webkinz pet to be made

What was the first retired Webkinz pet?

the first retired pet is the cocker spaniel which was also the first webkinz pet.

When will the Webkinz blufadoodle be pet of the month?

The Webkinz Blufadoodle will be the pet of the month in February 2011.