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Scorched Slab is a secret area near Fortree City but nobody knows what it does

P.S. its in the lake in route 120

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Scorched Slab has the TM Sunny Day. Thats it.

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Q: What is the scorched slab in Pokemon emerald?
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What do you do in the scorched slab in Pokemon Emerald?

nothing really just grab the item

What is in the scorched slab in emerald?

I believe the Scorched Slab is only in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness. It allows you to go into a dungeon to find and possibly recruit Ho-oh.

Where is scorched slab in Pokemon emerald?

Actually, there are no Pokemon at all in The Scorched Slab. Just TM11. It is at the top and route 120, in the water. (Surf on the first pond on route 120 from Fortree.) All you need to get there is HM04 (Surf).

What Pokemon is in the scorched slab?

There is no Pokémon in the Scorched Slab.

Is the TM Sunny Day in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, the TM Sunny Day is in Pokemon Emerald. You can find it in a cave in the middle of the lake in Route 120 called Scorched Slab.

Where is sunny day in Pokemon Emerald?

The Scorched Slab. You can access it by surfing in the North of Route 120 next to Fortree City.

Is there rare Pokemon in the scorched slab in Pokemon emerald?

Scorched Slab was only included to be the resting place of the TM Sunny day, which is probably where it's name comes from. But you can fish up Marill, if you consider thoose rare.

How do you get TM 11 in Pokemon emerald?

its in the scorched slab, you can reach it by surfing north of route 120, fortree city, in an indented lake

What does scorched slab do in emerald?

scorches your enemy an works mostly on rock an grass

What is scorched slab in Pokemon emeraled?

it is where you get TM sunny day

What rare Pokemon is in the Scorched Slab?

The Scorched Slab does not have any rare Pokémon's or any Pokémon's inside. Once inside you obtain TM 11-Sunny Day.

What rare Pokemon is in the scrched slab in emerald version?

it is the land regie new one