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You can find Sunny day (TM11) in Scorched Slab, this is a small cave found in Hoenn. It can be accessed by Surfing in the north of Rout 120, next to Fortree City, in a indented lake.

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Q: Where do you find sunny day in Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?
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Where do you find TM sunny day on Pokemon platinum?

Well, it's pretty hard but try migrating Pokemon that has a move Sunny Day from Pokemon Fire red, Leaf green, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Or just trade with a friend with that move. Forgive this answer. Though I've played this game 4 times with different Pokemon I forget where to find it.

Is the TM Sunny Day in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, the TM Sunny Day is in Pokemon Emerald. You can find it in a cave in the middle of the lake in Route 120 called Scorched Slab.

Where to find TM sunny day in Pokemon fire red?

in the safari zone

Where do you get sunny day in Pokemon LeafGreen?

TM11 Sunny Day can be found in the Safari Zone.

Where is the day care in Pokemon Ruby?

The Day Care in Pokemon Ruby is on the route West of Mauville City.

What skill make it sunny in Pokemon?

That move would be Sunny Day.

Where do you find tm11 sunny day in Pokemon heart gold?

Go to the 3 Floor in the radio tower next to and she will give you Sunny Day TM11 and then go catch HO-OH

Where to find TM sunny day in Pokemon ss?

You can get it from the Goldenrod Radio Tower, or if you have a Pokewalker, in the Blue Forest.

How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon revolution?

use sunny day

Were is the day-care in Pokemon Ruby?

the daycare in Pokemon ruby is between verdanturf city and mauville city

How do you get the Cherubis Sun form in Pokemon?

You have to level it up and teach it sunny day. After it uses sunny day it will change form.

What does Scorched Slab do in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

There is nothing there other than a single item, TM11 (Sunny Day). The Scorched Slab represents Japanese Mythology, where Amaterasu the Sun God is said to be sealed. It is more of an Easter egg than an actual location.