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There are 2 big rocks on this route. The First is to the left up two sets of stairs. It's surrounded by 6 other rocks. this is the home of Registeel.

The 2nd big rock is at the top of the route in the water. this is called the Scorched Slab. TM 11 (Sunny Day) can be found with the item finder here.

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Q: What is the big rock at route 120 in Pokemon emerald for?
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How do you enter the cave on route 120 in Pokemon emerald?

You walk in.

Where is registeel in Pokemon?

In Pokemon sapphire, ruby, and emerald it is in the cave on route 120

How do you catch Absol in Pokemon Emerald?

It is found in the wild on Route 120.

On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Rigisteel?

You can get a Rigisteel on Pokemon Emerald in the Ancient Tomb,which is on Route 120.But you need to unlock the Rigi's before you can attempt this.

Can you find a mighteyena in Pokemon Emerald?

yes you can but you can train a poochyena or catch mightyena on route 120 and route 123

How to catch all regi Pokemon in emerald?

Go to route 105, 111, or 120

Where do you found the HM fly in Pokemon emerald?

beat your rival on route 120 and she/he will give you it.

Where do you catch evee in Pokemon emerald?

I found one on route 120, and used to thunderstone to get a jolteon from it.

How do you get regeesteel in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't. you have to trade from Pokemon ruby sapphire or emerald. It resides in the ancient tomb on route 120

Is the TM Sunny Day in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, the TM Sunny Day is in Pokemon Emerald. You can find it in a cave in the middle of the lake in Route 120 called Scorched Slab.

What to do after you defeat Winona in pokemon emerald?

Continue your way on Route 120, the Route east of Fortree City. You will soon arrive in Lilycove City.

Where is scorched slab in Pokemon emerald?

Actually, there are no Pokemon at all in The Scorched Slab. Just TM11. It is at the top and route 120, in the water. (Surf on the first pond on route 120 from Fortree.) All you need to get there is HM04 (Surf).