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either kyurem ex or mewtwo ex

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Q: What is the rarest 2012 Pokemon ex card?
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What are the 10 rarest Pokemon?

ANSWER 1The rarest card in Pokemon is charizard ex or the number 1 promo card which I have got.ANSWER 2Sorry, but that's wrong. The rarest Pokemon card is actually a trainer card. I forgot what it's called but it has exacutter on it and a stone in the background. The only way to get it is to win a Pokemon colouring competition (only 3 exist)I think it's actually ancient mew.

What is the rarest Pokemon in SoulSilver?

There is no single rarest. All of the legendary are rare. (ex: lugia, latios, groudon, mewtwo, etc.)

What are some of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world right now?

a lvl 100 lengradrie Pokemon THATS SHINY AND EX

Can a Pokemon X card beat a Pokemon EX card?

Yes. Very Likely

What is the difference between a Lugia Ex Pokemon card and a Lugia ex world championship Pokemon card?

you are not allowed to use world champions in the card game

What does EX mean on the Pokemon card?

EX cards are very good cards. You want them. If you have one, congrats. What it means is that Pokemon card has more HP than a normal card of that Pokemon does. I have an Umbreon EX, and a Groudon EX. =D

Is there a Mewtwo non ex Pokemon card?

Yes. All Pokemon have Non-Ex forms.

How do you get ex Pokemon from a card pack?

with luck

How do you get the Pokemon card absol?

if ex um the Pokemon championship 2007

How do you have ex Pokemon?

in the card game, in Pokemon ex series, there are Pokemon ex cards, that when knocked out gives your opponent two prize cards instead of one.

Is a ex Pokemon card rare?

they are very rare an lvx card is rare but an ex is RARE. the average is common

HOW CAN you build a strong Pokemon tcg deck?

You wold need alot of rare Pokemon card like legend or x (Pokemon card)for me a chardizard ex or lugia ex would do the work.

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