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it is for you to get battle points and you can trade the battle points for rare candies and other things

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Q: What is the purpose of the battle tower?
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What happens after the battle tower on Pokemon diamond?

you cannot ever beat the battle tower. but if you have completed the sinnoh pokedex then the battle tower will help you complete it. you can battle at the battle tower as long as you want.

Where is the battle tower in Pokemon Gold?

Mo battle tower

Where can you fight tycoon palmer in the battle tower?

after you get contunious battle wins at the battle tower

How do you beat the battle tower in diamond?

you cant beat the battle tower

What to do in the battle tower in Pokemon diamond for ds?

after you battle 7 trainers in the battle tower you will get 3bp

What city is the battle tower in in HeartGold?

The Battle Tower is in the Battle Frontier, which is north of Route 40.

Where is the battle tower in Pokemon platinum?

The Battle Tower is still there at the fight area but now it is the battle froniter

Will your rival be at the battle tower if you traded heatran?

In battle tower multi battle room salon.

What do you do when you get to the battle tower?

battle through

Where do you find tower tycoon?

U Find Him At The Battle Tower Located In The Battle Frontier

How do you battle the tower typhoon in Pokemon platinum?

get a high winning streak at battle tower

Where can you buy rare candies at besides battle tower?

You cannot buy them BUT at the Battle Tower.