What is the pin for a DS?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can use your pen to tap the touch screen and play games.

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Q: What is the pin for a DS?
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Does anyone have free Nintendo Wii or DS game's pin numbers?


Where is the pin or serial number on Nintendo ds lite games?

on the back

How do you pin someone in smack down vs raw 2007 for xbox 360?

Tap the pin button and keep on tapping until your ds says 123

How do you find your pin on your Nintendo DSi?

To find your pin for your DSI,DS, and DSI XL. You will either find it in tight spaces such as your couch or your chair ETC. thats were I usually find can check your LAST USED pants our DS pack. Check every pocket!

How do you reset a Nintendo ds lite if you forgot the pin?

Take the battery out then put it back in ..It should now be reseted :D

What DS game do you need for the secret room in club penguin?

u do not need a ds game just play puffle rescue follow the squid then go threw the path and your in it get the pin also its the key.

How do you get out of the pinfall on Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 for Nintendo DS?

Click the pin shaped icon and tap it quickly until you get the 3 count.

How do you use a small package pin for smackdown vs raw 2008 for Nintendo ds?

you use ether johnny nitro or the people who have the technical symbol

Where are the boxes that you have to move to find violets cat in mysims agents for ds?

hell if i know that's my question i think their around the dogs pin in the petting zoo somewhere

How do beat pig marzuka in The World ends with you?

Each of the pigs are beat by different ways. Some of them you have to kill in a specific order. Some you have to kill with a specific type of pin. One of them you kill by closing the DS (puts the DS in sleep mode). This was the trickiest one to kill.

What do you do when your ds console dose not read your ds games?

Hi you will need a replacement slot 1 either a pin has got bent or the plating on the slot has gone can either buy an try to fit yourself. Or i repair them for total cost including returned for £14.99 Dsdoc

Can anyone give you some of the PIN codes that are on the slips of paper when you buy Nintendo games?

The PIN is on a small slip of paper on the inside of some wii and ds games and have random letters and numbers. Please send all codes AS IS in a message to my youtube account Awsomeg4u. Thanks!