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Yes it's not like it will stop working because you go to a different part of the world, however if you buy it in the US you will have a two-pin 120v charger, which will not work in the UK, you will need a three-pin 240v charger.

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Q: Will Nintendo DS consoles bought in US work in UK?
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Who makes Nintendo DS consoles?


Will US carts work on UK DS consoles?

Regular DS games are not region locked. A DS game cartridge from the US will work fine on a UK DS system.

Do Japanese Nintendo DS Games have the official Seal?

All the Nintendo certified games,merchandise,and consoles have the Nintendo seal on it.Even Japanese games have it!

Do Italian Nintendo DS games work with American Nintendo DS games?

All Nintendo DS are region-free, there is no regional lockout. Any Nintendo DS game will work with any Nintendo DS, and any Nintendo DS game is compatible for multiplayer with another Nintendo DS game, of a different country of origin. I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!

Is the Nintendo DS import-friendly?

Yes, but this is depending on what you mean as "import-friendly"(Section 1)You may have to pay a sum of import tax when it arrives in your country. Check a seller's help section on their policies of deliveries to your home. You may have to pay for for any tax as your door when your parcel arrives.(For ease of understanding, I will label Nintendo DS software under "Generation 1" and Nintendo DSi software as "Generation 2")(Section 2)The Nintendo DS (Gen 1) can be bought and used in other countries, but please check though the voltage and watt output of your DS charger and your countries standard home power strength before recharging your DS. The electricity may be too strong and could permanently damage your DS if incorrect. The Nintendo DSi (Gen 2) currently (1st Jan 2009) can only be bought from Japanese sellers.(Section 3)The Nintendo Ds (Gen 1) games bought from any country should work on any DS console (Gen 1) unless specified.Many games have WiFi options which will allow multi-player action with other EU, USA, and JP regional games, but this may be not the case for non-Wifi multi-player (e.g. 2-4 DS' play in the same room, no WiFi used). This is usually because of the language encoding for the game.(For example, JP character encoded alphabet may be different to the USA character encoded alphabet , EU extended character support for many different languages may confuse JP and USA games)(Section 4)Software made for Nintendo DSi ONLY consoles (Gen 2) are region locked.This means if you purchase a new Nintendo DSi from Japan and download DSi software from EU, or USA sources, it will notrun on your Japanese DSi unless specified. Same for EU Nintendo DSi consoles and USA Nintendo DSi consoles. The DSi software will only work on consoles of the same region.(Section 5)All DS (Gen 1) games made for both Nintendo DS (Gen 1) consoles and Nintendo DSi (Gen 2) consoles from around the world will work on any Nintendo DSi (Gen 2) console unless specified.The DSi consoles follow the same rule as stated in Section 3.

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Do US Nintendo DS games work on UK Nintendo consoles?

No Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS game consoles and maybe some other Nintendo and not on any of the Xbox or PlayStation game consoles regardless of the country or region.

Do Nintendo DS interactive games work on Nintendo DS lite consoles?

Yes they do, as the hardware for the original DS is identical to the DS Lite, it should work.

Who makes Nintendo DS consoles?


Where would you put your DS away?

Nintendo DS cases can be purchased where Nintendo DS consoles are availible.

Which Nintendo Console has the most games for adults?

The newer Nintendo consoles such as the Nintendo DS and the DS Lite and even the Nintendo Wii have more adult games to them then previous consoles before them.

Are Nintendo DS Lite Made in Asia good?

Yes, considering that most Nintendo DS consoles are created in Asia (China) and they work perfectly fine.

What consoles can Pokemon Ranger be played on?

the Nintendo ds, Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo dsi and Nintendo dsi XL

Will Nintendo DS games bought in US Work on European Models?

Yes most Nintendo DS games from the US will work on European Nintendo DS systems. However if the game is a DSI enhanced game then it will not work.

Will Nintendo ds games bought in Ireland work on American bought console?

It Should!

Can American bought game work on European ds console?

DS consoles are not region locked, a US game will work on them just fine.

Do American Nintendo DS games work on a DS bought in China?

Yes, they will work since DS games are not region locked.

Will Nintendo DS lite work in France if its bought in US?