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Take the battery out then put it back in ..It should now be reseted :D

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Q: How do you reset a Nintendo ds lite if you forgot the pin?
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How do reset a DSI pin without a pin?

Find the part that shows a picture of the Nintendo DSi Settings> Parental Controls and select forgot password, forgot secret question, now type the enquiry number.

Where is the pin or serial number on Nintendo ds lite games?

on the back

What do you do when you forgot PIN for Edd debit Card?

forgot pin for edd debit card

How can you reset your FAFSA pin?

If you need to reset your Federal Student Aid pin, you can follow the instructions at the Student Aid Pin link below. There are directions for what to do if you simply forgot your pin, or if it was lost or stolen.

If someone who have a debit card and have forgotten the pin how he can access?

Call or visit your bank and they will be able to reset the pin number

How do I change an Nintendo ID account?

There is no password, but if you mean the parental PIN, this has to be reset by Nintendo if you have lost it.

Is there a way to reset my Nintendo 3ds without a master key?

The parental controls have to be unlocked via the pin, or directly by Nintendo.

What do you do if you forgot your pin on the Wii?

what do you do if you forgot your pin on the wii? Type your answer here...

What can you do when you forget your pin for dsi XL?

If you forgot it you could call Nintendo and tell them you forgot your pin and answer to your secret question. You have to give them the Inquiry number shown on the DSi. They will give you a Master Key. You put the five-digit number into the DSi now you can change the pin and answer to the question. Hope it helped. :)

Can you put a password on a Nintendo ds lite?

If you mean a locking password, or PIN, to stop unauthorised people using it, then no. The only passwords you can use are game passwords, and your WEP key.

How do you pin reset when pin reset isn't working?

try resetting it from the internet

How do you remove the region lock on the Nintendo 3DS?

The parental controls are unlocked by entering a five-digit PIN which was set when the controls were activated. If this PIN has been forgotten, you must phone Nintendo to get them to reset it.