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Find the part that shows a picture of the Nintendo DSi Settings> Parental Controls and select forgot password, forgot secret question, now type the enquiry number.

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Q: How do reset a DSI pin without a pin?
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How do you reset the firmware on dsi XL?

go to settings and parental controls and select pin enter your old pin and then your new one

What is your DSI pin code?

your dsi pin code is were you come up with a pin. and when you are done every time you open your dsi you have to tipe in your pin.

How do you get passed DSi parental controls without using the 4 digit PIN?

you can't.

How do you reset the pin on the DSi XL without the manual?


What to do if you forgot your pin on DSi?

You have to take out the battery in the DSi. Do this by screwing the screws out.

What is the PIN for DSI?

A pin is used so if someone steals your DSI they cant use it because they need to know the pin to use it. Basiclay it has a pin for the same reason as a i pod has a pin. -Bow to Arrow Shield to Sword-

What is the pin to get on the internet on your dsi?


What if you forget PIN and secret question with Nintendo DSi?

you the dsi support line

What happens if you lose your security pin in your maple story account?

If you know your password, you can reset your PIN, without having to type in your old PIN. If you forget your password or pin you can answer your security question and you can get into your account.

What is the PIN for the Nintendo DSi?

Your PIN number is whatever it was set to in parental controls.

How do you pin reset when pin reset isn't working?

try resetting it from the internet

Can you reset your dsi?

yes just push the format botton on the dsi settings