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It is not called Region X, that is the game (Pokemon X and Y). The region is called "Generation VI" because no name has been officially released.

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Q: What is the new Pokemon region called x?
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Are there any new forms of eevee after leafeon and Glaceon?

A new evolved form for Eevee was introduced in Pokemon X and Y called Sylveon. Sylveon was created to showcase the new Fairy type and the new Pokemon interaction feature of Pokemon X and Y called Pokemon-Amie.

Why didn't Iris appear in the Pokemon X and Y anime?

Because ash went to a new region

How do you get to the Hoenn region in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get into the hoenn region in Pokemon diamond. It's a 1 region game and that region is SINNOH! BY THE WAY HAVE YOU HEARD OF POKEMON X AND Y

What is Pokemon X and Y?

The Kalos region.

Where is the Eterna Forest in Pokemon X and Y?

Eterna Forest is only accessible in the Johto Region. Pokemon X and Y are set in the Kalos Region.

Is Pokemon X and Y region locked?


When do mewthree and mewthree x come out as new Pokemon and when does their region or series of Pokemon come out?

i don't know when. my apoliges. These are "hacked" from fire red as well as leaf green and are "fake" lol sorry

What region is Pokemon X and y?

Johto region. It's the generation II, aka the second region, the one right after Kanto.

Will there be a show called Pokemon Sonic X?


What Pokemon game introduced the least Pokemon?

Pokemon X and Y, which introduced 70 new Pokemon.

How do you get x and y Pokemon in white 2?

You can't a pokemon from x or y version into pokemon b,w,b2,w2 because mega evoulution,new pokemon and the new type, fairy,but you can put pokemon from b,w,b2,w2 into x and y using pokemon bank and pokemon transport

Will there be a new season of Pokemon after Pokemon black and white?

well there are seasons, such as rival destinies and andventures in unova and beyond, but if you mean region I think the Kalos (Kah - lows) reigon is coming up. They are making pokemon games that take place in Kalos (Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, available October 2013.