What level does CHIMECHO evolve?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Chimecho is unable to evolve as of Pokemon X and Y. Chimecho does evolve from a Pokemon called Chingling when it's at max happiness and during night time.

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Q: What level does CHIMECHO evolve?
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What does a chingling evolve into?

chimecho when you increase it's happiness and grows a level

Does chimecho evolve?

chimecho doesn't evolve

What level does chingling evolve on?

Chingling evolves when it's really happy with doesnt evolve

What is the evolution of Chimecho?

chimecho does not evolve into anything else, but it does evolve from a chingling. To get a chingling to evolve, you must level it up with a high enough friendship, (by feeding poffins to it, winning battles, spending time outside the PC, and going to the spa on the battle frontier island). BUT you must level it up between the DS's time of 8 PM and 3.59 AM. Hope this helps!! =]

What level does chingling evolve at on Pokemon pearl?

Chingling must be leveled up at night with high happiness to become Chimecho.

How do you evolve a chingling on Pokemon platinum?

it has to have enough happiness at nighttime, then it will evolve into chimecho.

How do you evolve chimecho in Pokemon sapphire?

you can't evolve him that's his final evoloution

What does chimeco evolve into on Pokemon Ruby?

CHIMECO doesn't evolve into anything in any Pokemon game. In fact it's actually an evolved form from CHINGLING

Where can you catch a Chimecho in Pokemon Diamond?

You must evolve Chingling.

What level does chingling evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Chingling's evolution isn't based on what level it is, it's based on friendship and how happy it is. If it's really happy then level it up at night time and you'll have it as a Chimecho.

What level will allow chingling to evolve?

Chingling will evolve with a high friendship level between 8pm-4am, not raising it up to a set level. you need it to level it up at least once after raising it friendship level to it's max.

When does chingaling evolve into chimecho in Pokemon soulsilver?

Maxed out happiness in the daytime