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stark mountain

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Q: What is the mountain near the survival area in pokemon diamond?
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Where is stark mountain in Pokemon diamond?

go to the survival area, and explore!!!!

Where did buck go after shark mountain in Pokemon diamond?

he went to the home on the left of the Pokemon center in the survival area

Pokemon diamond how to go stark mountain?

surf from survival area, then after a while, go north

How do you get Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond to high levels?

Train. Good places to to this are survival area, Stark mountain and Turnback cave

Where to train a lvl50 in Pokemon diamond?

train it in the survival area. train in stark mountain if u can find it but be careful and pack ur potions.

Where is buck after stark mountain?

If your playing Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you'll never see him again, but if your playing Pokemon Platinum you can battle him and the gym leaders in the resturaunt in the Survival area.

How do you get superrod in Pokemon Diamond?

You get in on the giant island with the survival area after beating the Pokemon league.

After defeating Elite four in Pokemon diamond what else can you do?

You can got to the fight area, You go there by taking the boat in snowpoint city. To be able to go to survival area and stark mountain you need to see ever sinnoh Pokemon.

How do you get a sither in Pokemon diamond?

Around Fight/Survival Area they will be lv.50

How do you get to bucks house in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You go to the Survival Area and his house is on the left of the Pokemon center

How do you get to the resort area on Pokemon Diamond?

you have to fight all the Pokemon trainers and then you go to proffeser oak and then you go on a boat to the survival area

How could you enter in route 225 in Pokemon diamond?

North from the fight area, or south from the Survival Area.