Where is buck after stark mountain?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If your playing Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you'll never see him again, but if your playing Pokemon Platinum you can battle him and the gym leaders in the resturaunt in the Survival area.

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Q: Where is buck after stark mountain?
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Who do you get through Stark Mountain?

Once you get through the first level of Stark Mountain you will see Buck. Buck needs help to get through Stark Mountain. Once you get him trough he takes the treasure and leaves.

How do you get buck to follow you at stark mountain?

just talk to him..

Where is buck in Pokemon pearl?

I think Stark Mountain.

How do you get the magma stone from Buck?

You have to go all the way back through Stark Mountain where he found it, and then there's a surprise in stall.

How do you wake up heatran in pokemon platinum?

Heatran is encountered at level 70. Heatran lives at the top of Stark Mountain. Go to the top of Stark Mountain with a trainer named Buck. Buck will then take the Magma Stone and leave Stark Mountain, which causes the mountain to act up. Talk to Buck at his house, and he will put the stone back. Go back to the top of Stark Mountain and Heatran will be there in the place of the Magma Stone.

Where is Buck in Pokemon platinum?

He is outside and (later) inside Stark Mountain.

How do you get magma stone in stark mountain?

you cant. buck the idiot takes it.

Where is Buck's house?

Buck's house is in the survival place when you are going to Stark mountain next to the Poke center

When you went into stark mountain you got buck you left the mountain and buck was still with you what do you do?

If buck is with you and he wont leave than you didnt get the magma stone, go and find it. once you do (actually buck takes it), go to the survival area in the house next to the Pokemon center and talk to buck, then go back to stark mountain, enter the room where you got the magma stone, and catch the heatran that will be waiting in there for

Where is heaten?

deafet the Pokemon league and go to stark mountain and team up with buck and go to the end of stark mountain and buck will find the magma stone then go back to survival area and search for the house with buck in it he will put the magma stone back and go where buck found the magma stone and heatran is there

How do you get hetran to appear in stark mountain?

It's a long and VERY infurinating process, but I promise you Heatran is worth it when you're done: When you get to the survival area, go to the house west of the Pokemon center. Talk to the old man then go to stark mountain. You'll meet Buck, and he askes you if you can go with him. He'll steal the magma stone, and run away. Go out of Stark Mountain and go back to the old man's house. Buck is the old guy's grandson. He tells Buck to return the Magma Stone. So you go back to Stark Mountain again. Go to where Buck stole the stone. You'll see him return it. Go out of Stark Moutain again. Go back to Stark Mountain to where the Magma stone is. Heatran will be there.

Where does buck live in Pokemon platinum?

Buck lives in the Survival Area in Pokemon Platinum. Buck is part of a quest involving Stark Mountain and Heatran.