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the maximum power level of ssj4 goku and ssj4 vegeta is 5000000

there isint a maximum powerlevel if u keep on training with the level it will keep on growing

Whoever made this assumption that Goku's power level was 5 million at super saiyan 4 is mistaken. First of all, Frieza's power level is stated to be over 1 million in his second form, unstated for his 3rd form. Max power at 100% in his final form was approximately 120 million. When Goku attained his super saiyan abilities goku could beat frieza without tring, though Goku's power stayed consistent.

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2015-01-12 16:05:32
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Q: What is the maximum power level of ssj4 goku and ssj4 vegeta?
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Whose power level is higher vegeta or goku?

Of course goku's power level is higher than vegeta considering the fact that he even reached a high level (SSJ3) which vegeta can't do.

What was vegeta's and goku's power level in dbz first season?

Goku (suppressed) - 5,000 Real power - 8,000 Vegeta - 18,000

Who Goku vs vegeta?

If the fight is in the end of gt goku would win because goku was weakened by omega shenron and when vegeta came he was at full power but they could fuse. you have to be at the same amount of energy to fuse. Goku had a lowered power level and vegeta had a lowered power level which means goku is stronger.

Who would win goku ssj4 or vegeta ssj4?

Goku his power level is 3,600,000,000 or when he is fighting omega shinron it is 4,100,000,000 vegeta's is 2,300,000,000 hope this helped

Who is stronger goku base or vegeta ssj1?

it would be a tie goku,s power level=30000 and vegeta powerlevel =25000 when vegeta goes ssj his power level would be 30000 yeah goku base power level so it would be a tie but if goku turns ssj goku would easily win goku is ssj1 power level after vegeta,s power level.and thats why vegito is stronger thangogeta because goku=vegito vegeat=gogeta i am a kind person because i have answered two questions and don,t forget to vote wiki answers because wiki answers are always right.thank you for seeing this real goog answer.good bye.

Is vegeta more powerful than Goku?

goku is weaker than vegeta in the saiyan saga his power level is 5000 goku can reach 8000-9000 but vegeta's power level is 18000 thus making vegeta stronger at some points goku is more powerful : after training in 100 times gravity=90,000 using the kaio-ken times 2 against captain ginyu=180,000 after healing=3,000,000 super saiyan=150,000,000 super saiyan 3's power level is higher than vegeta goku super saiyan 4=525,000,000 goku was more powerful than vegeta before vegeta transformed into a super saiyan 4 leaving goku behind even as a ssj4 goku wasn't stronger than vegeta ssj4.vegeta is stronger than goku. no way........goku is powerful in all kinds........and...vegeta is no match to goku.. Goku is the only sayian who has more hidden powers.......goku is more hopefull than vegeta.....he will never give up...even his much stronger than him...that attitude of goku...will take him to a great extent....vegeta is no match to goku.......

Who's power level is higher goku's or vegeta's?

Many dragon ball fans say that Goku's power level is higher, but Vegeta's and Goku's power level is equal. If there was a unbalanced power level, they wouldn't have been unable to fuse in GogetaActually, your max power levels don't have to be exactly the same. The stronger fighter just has to lower hi power level to match that of the weaker. I am pretty sure that Goku's power level is higher, as he defeated Vegeta in the beginning, was the first to become Super Saiyan, the first to become Super Saiyan 3, the first to become Golden Oozaru, the first to become Super Saiyan 4, you catch my drift. Also, Vegeta and Goku were only evenly matched when Vegeta was in his Majin state.

Can Goku easily defeat Vegeta?

No, Goku cannot easily defeat Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta have about the same strength and power, but Goku is slightly stronger and learned SSJ3 near the end of the manga. Therefore, Goku can defeat Vegeta but cannot do so easily.

Is ssj4 goku stronger than ssj4 vegeta?

No ssj4 goku and ssj4 Vegeta is equal in power levels as a ssj4. Pls note that this will only happen at the end of Dragonball GT. At the end of Dragonball Z Goku is one level higher than Vegeta as ssj3.

Who is stronger vegeta ssj2 or gogeta ssj?

vegeta ssj2 is atie beacause goku would have to down his power level to vegetas and when they fuse gogeta power level was 500000 and vegeta ssj2 power level is 500000 and plus vegeta controlls gogeta so thy are same persons with just a difference of ssj

Who is stronger Goku or majin vegeta?

Depend on which version of Goku you're speaking of: Goku SSJ1 vs Majin Vegeta: Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 vs Majin Vegeta: Equal Goku SSJ3 vs Majin Vegeta: Goku Goku SSJ4 vs Majin Vegeta: Goku

Would Goku beat vegeta?

He could because goku has more strategy and vegeta is brute force but their power levels are the same

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