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Q: What is the max hit with a saradomin sword with 70 strength in rune scape?
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What are the rune scape gods?

Zamorak, Guthix , Saradomin and Bandos

What is a good weapon for strength training on runescape?

Chaotic Longsword > Saradomin Sword > Brackish blade/Dragon Scimitar > Rune Scimitar

Which is the best 2 handed sword in rune scape?

its a god sword

What is the strongest rune 1 handed weapon on runescape?

Probably the Rune battleaxe, though the Warhammer is slightly stronger against plate armor.

What are the rune scape god swords name?

Armadyl Godsword Zammorak Godsword Saradomin Godsword Bandos Godsword

How do you wield a sword from the grand exchange in rune scape?

Click on it... Duhhh

What level do you have to be to use Saradomin weapons in runescape?

40 ATT for rune weapons. And if you're a member, 70 attack for the Saradomin Sword. 40 DEF for armor

What is a good sword that hit 20 on rune scape?

anything rune, dragon, barrows, godswords ect.... id go rune schimmy for cheap, whip for expensive, or dragon skimmy for mid range

What is the best rune shield on runescape?

saradomin shield

Which rune armor looks better?

Saradomin or Zamorak

What is the fastest defense weapon on rune scape?

There is not a specific weapon for defense, as every weapon has a defense mode option. Members should go for whips, saradomin swords, chaotic weapons. Free players should go for rune scimitars, corrupted dragon weaponry etc.

Are there any cheats for rune scape?