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It's called Hackscape, but it is a scam.

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Q: Any games that are like rune scape but have scape at the end?
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Does anyone know Any games like rune-dayz or euro-scape?

yes its called runescape

Does anyone know any game like euro scape I'm talking about rune scape a bit but i heard theres games like barrage scape or something you know dame like rune scape but remade..please help?

there is no "remade" runescape. if you want to look it up you can but i can almost garuntee there is no other runescape. runescape is already the funnest website i know! =)

Are there any cheats for rune scape?


Are there any Rune scape cheats?


Any good RPG games out there not rune scape thoug?

i would say flyff maybe if you can download stuff.

Are there any games like Build-a-Bearville?

Yes there is: Club Penguin Webkinz Rune Scape Dizzywood Howrse Babydow + Loads more try googleing virtual games for kids.

Are there any money cheats for rune scape?

No, there are no 'cheats' for RuneScape.

Any online games that are free and similar to rune scape?

yes. I know one. But u have to download it though. the link is

Are there any knight games like adventure quest?

DRagon fable, Adventure Quest Worlds, rune Scape, Kingdom of Loathing(not really, it is a browser based rpg), and(going out on a limb)MechQuest

Is there a cheat for any game on meez?

no there isn't but i think there might be on rune scape

Any games similar to rune scape?

the a game that is similar to rune scape and i like it it call ROBLOX it a cool game.Also adventure quest worlds is another good game i think you should play.roblox is about were u make game or play other people games.I played lots of roblox game and it very cool so try playing it.

Are there any fun games?

try poptropica, movie star planet, moshi monsters, adventure quest worlds, rune scape or you could just get a face book they have fun games 2