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kill 5 enemies with cooked grenades

they don't have to be held in your hand and blow up.

you just have to hold it for until the cursor changes then throw

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Q: What is the master chef challenge in MW2?
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How do you get the burger town emblem on mw2?

Complete the "Master Chef III" Challenge. Get 20 kills with cooked frag grenades.

How do you get burger town emblem in Call of Duty?

Complete "Master Chef III" challenge.

Who hosts challenge lobby's for MW2 on ps3?

No more Mw2 Challenge Lobbies on Ps3 because of the new Ps3 Patch.

When was Superstar Chef Challenge created?

Superstar Chef Challenge was created in 2005.

Is MW2 challenge lobbies patched?


Is Jason Koppinger a Master Chef?

Yes, Jason Koppinger is a Master Chef.

How to unlock burger town emblem for mw2?

To get the burger king emblem you have to complete master chef chalenge III. To do that you must cook a lot of grenades. you can check out how many grenades you have left in the baracks.

How can you get the dog eblem at MW2?

You have to get the 'Multi RPG III' challenge.

What certification does a culinary student get?

chef or master chef

Who won master chef on with chef ramsey?


Can You host a MW2 challenge lobby for ps3 2013?

You can not host a MW2 challenge lobby for the 2013 PS3. This is due to a patch that was put out for the PlayStation. You may be able to host a lobby if you jailbreak your device.

Who can host a challenge lobby in mw2 xbox 360?

Look up how to bypass on MW2 on Youtube <-- It is no bypass for xbox! only ps3....