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I believe its when you destroy 5 enemy tactical insertions.

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Q: What is the denier challenge on mw2?
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How do you get the weed emblem on MW2?

Complete "The Denier" challenge. I think it's deny an enemy of a 10 kill stresk , kill them at 9, challenge unlocked around lv. 61 if you are on mw3 set off a chain reaction of explosions to kill an enemy

Who hosts challenge lobby's for MW2 on ps3?

No more Mw2 Challenge Lobbies on Ps3 because of the new Ps3 Patch.

Is MW2 challenge lobbies patched?


How can you get the dog eblem at MW2?

You have to get the 'Multi RPG III' challenge.

Can You host a MW2 challenge lobby for ps3 2013?

You can not host a MW2 challenge lobby for the 2013 PS3. This is due to a patch that was put out for the PlayStation. You may be able to host a lobby if you jailbreak your device.

How do you get the STD challenge in mw2?

u have to knife somebody who has std as their title.

Who can host a challenge lobby in mw2 xbox 360?

Look up how to bypass on MW2 on Youtube <-- It is no bypass for xbox! only ps3....

How do you get the pig emblem in MW2?

rewarded alongside "click click Boom" challenge.

What is the denier challenge on call of duty modern warfare 2?

i think this is when you destroy certain amounts of the enemies tactical insertions.

How do you complete the denier challenge on modern warfare 2?

kill somebody just before he/she earns an 10 or more killstreak

How do you unlock acr gun emblem on cod mw2?

Achieve the ACR Mastery Challenge.

What is th stealth IV challenge in mw2?

You have to kill 1000 enemies with any silenced gun