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The joint highest killstreaks are helicopter Gunship and Attack Dogs both on 11 kills.

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Q: What is the highest killstreak award on black ops?
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What is the highest killstreak reward on black ops?

Attack Dogs and the Gunship are both the highest killstreak reward at 11 kills.

How do you see your highest killstreak in Black ops 2?

you can't :(

What is the highest killstreak ever on Black Ops?

11 killstreaks: attack dogs or gunship

What is the highest killstreak possible in Call Of Duty Black Ops?

It is 11 it is either attack dogs or a gunship

What is the highest killstreak in halo?

The highest killstreak would be the amount of kills you can get on that match

How do you do a black ops killsteak?

Clarification of question needed: "How do you do a Black Ops killstreak?" Well, if you mean 'How do you use a Black Ops killstreak', the answer is quite simple. All you have to do is click right on the D-Pad. (Xbox360)

Do killstreak rewards add to killstreak count in Black Ops if so which ones?

NVM I found out --.-- kilstreaks don't add to ur count in Black Ops

Can you use killstreak in Call of Duty Black Ops on the ds?

i belive so! and they have black ops for the ds?

How can you get 11 killstreak in black ops no prob?

grenades or rpg

Can you get a gunship in black ops Wii?

No, sorry. The only 11 Killstreak award on the Wii is Attack Dogs. I don't think Wii has Chopper Gunner or Valkyries either.

What is the black ops 2 score streak between the swarm and nuke?

There is no Nuke in Black Ops 2. Despite what YouTube videos try to convince you, there is no "extra" killstreak like the Nuke, MOAB, and KEM Strike. The swarm is the highest scorestreak in the game.

How do you get radar on Call of Duty Black Ops?

You get a Radar by getting a 3 kill Killstreak